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SmartLinx Podcast

Aug 17, 2018

Our guests today are from the National Transitions of Care Coalition, or NTOCC. Dr. James Lett II, President of the coalition board of directors, is currently medical director of Avar Consulting Inc., which has a contract with CMS to oversee some aspects of the National Quality Improvement Organizations that oversee the quality and care of Medicare enrollees. He’s an experienced geriatrician in care provided in hospitals, nursing homes, and other sites of care. He most recently served as medical director and vice president of medical affairs for an extensive senior citizen complex, including an assisted living center and a long-term rehabilitation and nursing center. He has worked on three reports for the Office of the Inspector General to identify and quantitate adverse events in post-acute care. His passion is transitions of care, in which he has been involved with multiple entities, including CMS, OIG, and multiple national medical entities.


Jackie Vance, also coalition director, is senior director of clinical innovation and education for Mission Health Communities. Jackie is a registered nurse certified, and holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing. Previously she was director of clinical education at Sava Senior Care. A nurse leader, she has over 20 years of experience and expertise in clinical geriatrics and the long-term care market. She has built a unique set of skills for clinical program development with corresponding education that incorporates Triple Aim, the IMPACT Act, ACO, Managed Care, and Bundled Care components. Her specialty is quality management, including QAPI, PDSA, and Baldrige.